The Dufrane Family of Companies


Dufrane Nuclear Shielding, Inc. (DNSI)

Dufrane was established in 1985 by Ken Dufrane as “Dufrane and Associates”. Teamed with Lou DeRitis, the company grew and was re-branded to Dufrane Nuclear Shielding, Inc. In the mid-2000s, DNSI was purchased by Josh Brooks. Josh worked side-by-side with Lou learning the craft of nuclear shielding, until Lou’s passing in recent years. Josh recognized the need to expand the DNSI offerings to the nuclear industry and began assembling a team of people with very diverse and extensive nuclear careers. In addition to shielding, the DNSI Value Engineering Team is skilled in cask transport, remote waste handling, waste packaging, rigging, large components and D&D. See “Value Engineering Team” on the Services Tab for more information.

DNSI is headquartered in Winsted, CT.

Dufrane Construction LLC

In 2014, Josh Brooks purchased Quail Nuclear, Inc. and re-branded it to Dufrane Construction. Dufrane Construction is a primary supplier for construction services to URENCO USA, the United States’ newest uranium enrichment facility, located in Eunice, NM. Dufrane Construction headquarters are strategically-located in Andrews, TX, and maintains a satellite office onsite at URENCO. The strategic location allows Dufrane Construction to service, Waste Control Specialists LLC (WCS), the Nation’s first Class B and Class C radioactive waste disposal site to open in over 30 years, URENCO, the Waste Isolation Pilot Plant (WIPP) site and other entities in the New Mexico Energy Plex. Dufrane Construction has also expanded its services into the West Texas oil and gas industry.

Dufrane Construction is headquartered in Andrews, TX.

Dufrane Technologies LLC

The team at Dufrane Technologies LLC has over 150 years of combined experience in designing, engineering and manufacturing Custom Electromagnetic Devices, Electromechanical and Electronic Assemblies. Dufrane Technologies LLC (DT LLC) was established more than 30 years ago as BOMAG. DT LLC has a long record of designing, engineering, and manufacturing high value-added mission critical components that are vital for safe operation on larger systems for the most exacting clients including Bombardier, General Dynamics, Jacobs Vehicle Systems, Otis Elevator, US Department of Defense, Westinghouse and GE. DT LLC has manufactured Control Rod Drive Mechanism (CRDM) cables currently in-use several commercial nuclear power plants across the United States. For more information visit and select “Dufrane Technologies LLC”.

Dufrane Electronics is headquartered in Winsted, CT.

Dufrane Rail Services LLC

Dufrane Rail Services LLC was formed in the fourth quarter of 2016 as a woman-owned, small business by Shelly Brooks. DRS LLC performs railroad track maintenance nationwide.

Dufrane Rail Services LLC is headquartered in Andrews, TX

Foreign Ownership Control or Influence (FOCI)

The Dufrane companies are not owned, controlled or influenced by any foreign interests. If necessary, a FOCI determination will be obtained and supplied. The Dufrane group of companies operate in compliance with 10 CFR Part 810, 10 CFR Part 110, 15 CFR Part 730 and 22 CFR Part 120 governing nuclear information export to foreign countries.